Sony DVP-NC555ES ES 5-Disc DVD/SA-CD Player from Sony

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Product Description

AJ Electronics are delighted to stock the famous Sony DVP-NC555ES ES 5-Disc DVD/SA-CD Player.

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can trust. The Sony DVP-NC555ES ES 5-Disc DVD/SA-CD Player is certainly that and will be a great acquisition.

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Manufacturer Description

SONY DVP-NC555ES -- Its elegant Silver Cascade Finish is only a very pleasant hint of the quality and versatility within this 5-Disc Changer. Playback capabilities include DVD-Video, CD-Audio, DVD-R/RW (VR & Video Mode), DVD+R/RW, Multi & 2 Channel Super Audio CD ( SACD(TM) ), MP3 Discs Variable Coefficient Filter for CD Output Advanced SmoothScan(TM) and SmoothSlow Modes Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion Video Output - Component, S-Video, Composite Advanced SmoothScan(TM) & SmoothSlow Modes 40 Disc Resume & Playback Memory Audio Frequency Response (DVD) - 2Hz - 44kHz Dimensions - 5.33H x 16.93W x 17.0D; 18.08 Pounds Note - We are able to accept orders on this item from NY, NJ, CT & PA only

Add cutting-edge technology to your home entertainment system with the five-disc DVP-NC555ES. This multichannel SACD player is made to sing to the ears of the audiophile, delivering highly nuanced aural detail--whether playing a standard CD or a Super Audio CD (SACD). And you'll get progressive-scan video on every DVD thanks to Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive video processing and the ultra-high-speed 216MHz/12-bit video digital-to-audio converter (DAC). Other features include the ability to change out four discs while the fifth continues playing, antiresonant design it minimize distortion from vibration, and a built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoder with 5.1-channel output.

Like other DVD players in Sony's ES series lineup, the DVP-NC555ES is designed to take advantage of a broad range of disc formats that includes not only DVD-Video, but also DVD-R and DVD-RW discs recorded in the DVD-Video and VR formats; DVD+R and DVD+RW; CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD MP3, and Video CD; as well as Super Audio CD stereo and multichannel media.

The Sony DVP-NC555ES take full advantage of the latest generation of multichannel Super Audio CD music. Multichannel SACD gives producers the ability to capture the precise ambience and reverberation that give any concert hall, jazz club, or recording studio its characteristic "sound."

The SACD's 1-bit signal is processed and decoded by Sony's CXD2753 DSD decoder LSI. This integrated circuit makes intelligent decisions regarding the incoming data to form the 1-bit audio signal. The LSI uses internal memory to take data that's output intermittently from the disc, rearrange it, and order it into continuous 1-bit audio streams.

Sony's Video Equalizer enables you to fine-tune the picture quality of each disc you watch. You can adjust picture, brightness, color, hue, and chroma delay in addition to graphical gamma adjustment. And once you've optimized the picture for a particular disc, the DVP-NS555ES can commit your settings to memory (for up to 30 discs).

In DVD-Video playback, the ultimate in picture detail comes into direct conflict with the ultimate in picture clarity. Sony ES Series players, like the DVP-NC555ES, achieve superb fine picture detail and excellent clarity thanks to 108 MHz and 216 MHz oversampling in the D/A converter. This corresponds to 8x oversampling for progressive scan, 16x for interlaced playback.

Sony's pixel-by-pixel active I/P conversion feature includes built-in motion detection, enabling the DVP-NC555ES to generate the ideal progressive scanning output for each type of DVD source:

  • Film originated material. For footage originally shot on 24-frames-per-second film or film-like 24-frame progressive video, the Sony system automatically and flawlessly detects the 3:2 cadence and performs full 3:2 reverse conversion. Mismatched film frames are never "force-fit" into a single video frame, and the system adds no motion blurring.
  • Film-originated material on a DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. DVD recorders complicate the I/P conversion processes because they capture everything as interlaced video. Even if they were originally shot on film, movies stored on disc are recorded as 30-frames-per-second interlaced, not 24-frames-per-second progressive. In this case, conventional 3:2 reverse conversion will not work, but Sony's pixel-by-pixel active I/P conversion will, thanks to its built-in motion detection system.
  • Film material intercut with interlaced video material. Sony's pixel-by-pixel active I/P conversion applies appropriate processing for film elements and video elements, even when they alternate in rapid-fire sequence, as they might during the "making of" documentary on a movie DVD.
  • Interlaced-video-originated material. Shooting on conventional, interlaced video means capturing a new field of 240 interlaced scanning lines every 1/60 second. When subjects are moving, there can be significant differences from each field to the next. Sony's pixel-by-pixel active I/P conversion applies special processing for video originated material.

Tech Talk
SACD: Super Audio CD (SACD) is a new high-quality audio disc standard where music is recorded in the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format (conventional CDs are recorded in the PCM format). The DSD format, using a sampling frequency 64 times higher than that of a conventional CD and with 1-bit quantization, achieves both a wide frequency range and a wide dynamic range across the audible frequency range, providing music reproduction extremely faithful to the original sound. The SACD has two types: a two-channel stereo disc and a multichannel disc that holds up to six independent channels. The multichannel characteristic of the SACD features a speaker allocation system basically similar to the 5.1 channel output of current AV systems.

What's in the Box
DVP-NC555ES 5-disc DVD/SACD/CD changer, RMT-D160A remote, 2 AA batteries, power cord, A/V RCA cable, and printed operating instructions.

Product Features

12-Bit Video DAC - 216MHz Processing - NSV R-Core Power Transformer for Audio Individual Speaker Settings for SACD(TM) and DVD (Permitting Time Aligned Output) 192kHz 24-Bit Audio D/A Converter Optical / Coaxial Outputs for Optional External Dolby Digital & DTS Processing

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